Here you can see the projects I developed or contributed to. See also my references for more work by me.

OSMembrane - A GUI front-end for Osmosis

OSMembrane is a frontend to the Osmosis data processing tool. It helps by grouping tasks in functions and shows a visual representation of the pipeline. Additionally, it features a bounding box chooser and an AutoComplete list of key/key.value lists imported from JOSM.

Screenshot Website

RethinkDB OR mapper for Java

A lightweight OR mapper for RethinkDB and Java. It automatically maps your POJOs to a RethinkDB compatible data structure and vice versa.


Guice support for Dropwizard

A minimalistic integration between the dependency injection framework Guice and the microservice framework Dropwizard.


Docker Image for Counter Strike Global Offensive

A Docker image for Counter Strike Global Offensive, with preconfigured metamod, SourceMod and quake sounds.


Docker Image for Counter Strike Source

A Docker image for Counter Strike Source, with preconfigured metamod, SourceMod, quake sounds, damage reports and map chooser.