Most common Eclipse shortcuts for IntelliJ IDEA

When evaluating a replacement for an existing tool, one of the things to concern is loosing productivity. When switching from Eclipse to IntelliJ you’ll miss those embosomed shortcuts. Here is a summarization of shortcuts (with their equivalent in IntelliJ) I use many times a day in Eclipse.

Description Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA
Open Class Ctrl+Shift+T Ctrl+N
Open Resource Ctrl+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+N
Navigate Backward/Forward Alt+Left/Right Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right
Previous/Next Tab Ctrl+Pg-Up/Pg-Down Alt+Left/Right
Rename Alt+Shift+R Shift+F6
Quick-Fix Ctrl+1 Alt+Enter
Optimize Imports Ctrl+Shift+O Ctrl+Alt+O **
Find Usage Ctrl+Shift+G Alt+F7
Open Call Hierarchy Ctrl+Alt+H Ctrl+Alt+H
Open Declaration F3 Ctrl+B
Show Type Hierarchy Ctrl+T Ctrl+H
Class Hierarchy Diagram   Ctrl+Alt+U & Return
Delete Line Ctrl+D Ctrl+Y

** By default only removing unused imports, can be improved:
File ~ Settings ~ Editor ~ General ~ Auto Import ~ Check all boxes

I hope it helps you to quickly find the most common shortcuts of Eclipse in IntelliJ.